The Hip

A raven strains along the line of the road,
car­ry­ing a mud­dy, old skull
the wires whis­tle their approval,
off down the distance

At the Hun­dredth Merid­i­an”, The Trag­i­cal­ly Hip

So the oth­er day I bought The Trag­i­cal­ly Hip’s “Yer Favourites” dou­ble CD. It makes me hap­py. Like my wife said once: “Of course you like the Hip. You’re a Cana­di­an boy.”

It’s a com­pi­la­tion of fan favourites. If I remem­ber cor­rect­ly, they polled a bunch of ran­dom fans about what their favourite Hip songs were. The result is this two-disc set. There are some great tunes in here, too: “New Orleans is Sink­ing”, “Lit­tle Bones”, “50 Mis­sion Cap”, and almost 40 oth­ers too.

See when it starts to fall apart, it real­ly falls apart
Like boots or hearts, oh when they start they real­ly fall apart
Fin­gers and toes, fin­gers and toes
Forty things we share
Forty one if you include the fact that we don’t care

Boots or Hearts”

So how’s your music collection?

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