Forward Motion challenge

So far I have five stories out of the ten I’ve said I would do this month. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll be doing another one.

Probably tomorrow, since I’m mildly hooked on CSI, and it’s a new one tonight.

Here’s a snippet from the latest story, “Star Light, Star Bright”:

If the hot worlds shuffling their feet on the sun’s doorstep were the rejuvenated core of a city, then the cometary haloes were its dock district, full of rough-and-tumble vigor, transient labor, and the hopeful mad looking to score a ride out-system on vessels that more often than not would never leave. Tumult and catastrophe had rocked the Proxima colonies, both attempts at reshaping extrasolar worlds ending in riots, civil war, megadeath.

2 thoughts on “Forward Motion challenge

  1. No chance of being tempted to do… fifteen maybe? Think of the pips! Think of that lovely, colourful, seductive, luscious… pip – and why doesn’t that sound as good as it’s supposed to?

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