Forward Motion challenge

So far I have five sto­ries out of the ten I’ve said I would do this month. Tonight or tomor­row I’ll be doing anoth­er one.

Prob­a­bly tomor­row, since I’m mild­ly hooked on CSI, and it’s a new one tonight.

Here’s a snip­pet from the lat­est sto­ry, “Star Light, Star Bright”:

If the hot worlds shuf­fling their feet on the sun’s doorstep were the reju­ve­nat­ed core of a city, then the cometary haloes were its dock dis­trict, full of rough-and-tum­ble vig­or, tran­sient labor, and the hope­ful mad look­ing to score a ride out-sys­tem on ves­sels that more often than not would nev­er leave. Tumult and cat­a­stro­phe had rocked the Prox­i­ma colonies, both attempts at reshap­ing extra­so­lar worlds end­ing in riots, civ­il war, megadeath.

2 thoughts on “Forward Motion challenge

  1. No chance of being tempt­ed to do… fif­teen maybe? Think of the pips! Think of that love­ly, colour­ful, seduc­tive, lus­cious… pip — and why does­n’t that sound as good as it’s sup­posed to?

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