I’ve tak­en up a chal­lenge at For­ward Motion to do the “Appren­tice” lev­el for their May chal­lenge. Basi­cal­ly what it boils down to is that I’ve said I’ll try to write 10 short sto­ries (more than 500 words) in May. If things go well, I’ll up myself to “Jour­ney­man” (15 sto­ries instead of 10), but we’ll see how it goes.

The oth­er thing about the chal­lenge is that at least 80% of the sto­ries must come from topics/themes/characters sug­gest­ed by one or anoth­er of a hand­ful of online gen­er­a­tors. Because I rel­ish a chal­lenge, I’m going to try and do all my sto­ries from gen­er­a­tor suggestions.

The one for May the first was:

The sto­ry’s pro­ta­gan­ist is female and a gar­den­er. A knife plays a sig­nif­i­cant part in the sto­ry. The sto­ry is set in a kitchen in the future. The sto­ry is about deception. 

And the sto­ry for it is here (pass­word: fm <– high­light to read).