13 on the 13th

13 favourite songs from movie soundtracks.

Thursday Thirteen
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  1. Primus, “Tom­my the Cat”, from the sound­track to Bill and Ted’s Bogus Jour­ney.
    This song intro­duced me to Primus, the bass-cen­tred wacko-lyrics band from El Sobrante, and I’ve nev­er had cause to look back since. It’s the sto­ry of a female cat out lookin’ for some action. When she finds Tom­my the Cat, her search is over:

    The air was filled with cat­calls (no pun intend­ed) but not even a mus­cle in her neck did twitch as she saun­tered straight into the heart of the alley­way. She knew what she want­ed. She was lookin’ for the stud-bull; the he-cat. Well that was me.

    Tom­my the Cat is my name and I say unto thee:

    Say baby do you wan­na lay down with me
    Say baby do you wan­na lay down by my side
    Say baby do you wan­na lay down with me
    Say baby, say baby 

    The video for the song fea­tures Les Clay­pool, the man­ic mad­man on bass and vocals, as a Roarin’ 20s-style bar­tender in a milk bar. It must be seen to be believed. 

  2. The Lügen Broth­ers, “Son of a Bitch to the Core”, from the sound­track to Hard Core Logo.
    HCL was a mock­u­men­tary, a film about the reunion tour of a fic­tion­al punk band. The lead singer, Joe Dick (IIRC), was played by Head­stones front­man Hugh Dil­lon. Great show, and the sound­track plays right into the whole mythos by virtue of being set up as a trib­ute album to the fic­tion­al band (also named Hard Core Logo).

    There are two ver­sion on the sound­track of “Son of a Bitch to the Core”, both of them great–hey, it’s a great tune. The Head­stones do a straight-up rock­er, and the Lügen Broth­ers do it as a coun­try-styled barn-burn­er. I love both ver­sions, I do, but odd­ly enough, I have to give the coun­try ver­sion the nod here. There’s a sub­tle dif­fer­ence in the two songs:

    Head­stones: …If you take me on, I’m gonna lose / it’s a son of a bitch to the core…
    Lügen Bros: …If you take me on, you’re gonna lose / ’cause I’m a son of a bitch to the core…

  3. Bad Reli­gion, “Lead­ers and Fol­low­ers”, on the Clerks sound­track. Punk the way punk should be; not watered-down “poor whiney me” but fast and loud and short and rel­e­vant. Plus they use big words to good effect.

    There’s the image of a man who com­mands a high opinion
    While he hides his hatred with a sheep­ish grin
    And beside him, flank­ing close­ly, are the voice­less hol­low masses
    Who lap up what­ev­er trick­les in

    This inter­course of nature, this vul­gar social pasttime
    Reflects the low­est mark of our progress
    And the few who ride periph­er­al main­tain sub­tle advantage
    Fight­ing hard to abstain and redress 

  4. Bar­ry Adamson’s “Some­thing Wicked This Way Comes” on the Lost High­way sound­track. It’s an instru­men­tal, and it’s moody and spooky, and it’s just the right pick for the scene in the movie where the creepy lit­tle old guy accosts Fred, telling him “I’m at your house right now. Phone me.”
  5. John Williams’ “Impe­r­i­al March”, from The Empire Strikes Back. (Is it run­ning through your head now? Because it’s sure run­ning through mine…)
  6. And its antithe­sis, the cheer­ful, chirpy “Can­ti­na Band song” from Star Wars.
  7. Belleville Ren­dez-vous” from Les Triplette de Bellevile. It’s not quite “found sound”, since the sis­ters brought all the items with them to the show, but I nev­er would’ve guessed you could find music in the fan­ning of news­pa­per pages, the wheeze of an old vac­u­um clean­er, and the tick­ety-tick-tick­ing of a bicy­cle tire.
  8. Green Onions”, from the Get Shorty sound­track. Just ‘cuz.
  9. Rufus Wain­wright’s ver­sion of “Hal­lelu­jah” on the Shrek sound­track. Haunt­ing and dark in a way that most of the oth­er tunes weren’t.
  10. Gord Down­ie’s solo, a capel­la ver­sion of “Hal­lelu­jah” on the Saint Ralph sound­track. (Is it cheat­ing to include the same song twice? Do I even care?)
  11. Despite my gen­er­al dis­like of coun­try music, I have to include “Man of Con­stant Sor­row” by the Sog­gy Bot­tom Boys on the O Broth­er, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.
  12. And the sirens, singing “Did­n’t Leave Nobody but the Baby”, on the O Broth­er sound­track, too.
  13. And final­ly, from Trainspot­ting, I have to go with “Per­fect Day”, with its creepy, some­what ran­dom spout­ing of James Bond movie titles.

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3 thoughts on “13 on the 13th

  1. Hah! I would have cho­sen a much dif­fer­ent selec­tion, but that’s what makes the world go ’round. I loved Trevor Jones sound­track for Angel Heart, for exam­ple, and Chris Young’s sound­track for Hell­rais­er (hope I’m remem­ber­ing that right), and Tan­ger­ine Dream’s sound­track for The Keep (not avail­able on CD — so you’ll have to rent the movie to see what I mean), and Dan­ny Elf­man’s sound­track for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

  2. Actu­al­ly, the one item that I wish I’d put on this list is the entire sound­track for the videogame “The Nev­er­hood”. It’s all bluesy-folky music, laid-back and a lot of fun to lis­ten to.

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