So glad I found it

So I went to the judo club today, for a two-hour review of my blue belt and brown belt throws (at some point I’ll be grading for my brown belt; I’m not sure if it’ll be this spring or next fall), and then after that I went and did some shopping. I bought a short-sleeve white dress shirt, which I’ll need for refereeing in judo (refs wear black socks, charcoal-grey pants, a white shirt, navy tie, and a navy sportcoat–very natty), and then I ducked into a music store. Cruised the aisles, not looking for anything in particular, just… looking. Browsing.

13 Engines -- Perpetual Motion MachineIn the used CDs section, my eyes lit upon it: 13 EnginesPerpetual Motion Machine. I had the tape (I still do, somewhere, though I’d be hard pressed to find it), and it’s one of the very few albums where I like every single song. There are the straight-ahead rockers, like “Bred in the Bone” and “Smoke and Ashes”, and there are a fair number of moody, slower numbers, like “Moment of Clarity” and one of my favourites, “The Golden Age”:

So the Golden Age passed away to Silver
But that was long ago
There were swimming holes and the Vaudeville
They gave way to this
Bronze turned itself slowly into iron
And here we are today

If what you say has the grain of truth
The Age of Rust is soon…

The instruments are just the way I like ’em–the bass is a central part of the music, not just a background rhythm engine, and the guitar is well-played. They can do the fuzz-out wall of sound just as well as the soft melancholy sway of a down-tempo tune.

(Aside: “The Golden Age” just started playing on my CD changer’s Random. Good timing!)

Fourteen tunes, and not a one of them a miss.

Oh, and because it was in the second-hand shelf, and probably had been there a while (it’s an album from 1993), the price was right: $4.99 plus taxes.

Ah, smiley times…