So glad I found it

So I went to the judo club today, for a two-hour review of my blue belt and brown belt throws (at some point I’ll be grad­ing for my brown belt; I’m not sure if it’ll be this spring or next fall), and then after that I went and did some shop­ping. I bought a short-sleeve white dress shirt, which I’ll need for ref­er­ee­ing in judo (refs wear black socks, char­coal-grey pants, a white shirt, navy tie, and a navy sportcoat–very nat­ty), and then I ducked into a music store. Cruised the aisles, not look­ing for any­thing in par­tic­u­lar, just… look­ing. Browsing.

13 Engines -- Perpetual Motion MachineIn the used CDs sec­tion, my eyes lit upon it: 13 EnginesPer­pet­u­al Motion Machine. I had the tape (I still do, some­where, though I’d be hard pressed to find it), and it’s one of the very few albums where I like every sin­gle song. There are the straight-ahead rock­ers, like “Bred in the Bone” and “Smoke and Ash­es”, and there are a fair num­ber of moody, slow­er num­bers, like “Moment of Clar­i­ty” and one of my favourites, “The Gold­en Age”:

So the Gold­en Age passed away to Silver
But that was long ago
There were swim­ming holes and the Vaudeville
They gave way to this
Bronze turned itself slow­ly into iron
And here we are today

If what you say has the grain of truth
The Age of Rust is soon…

The instru­ments are just the way I like ’em–the bass is a cen­tral part of the music, not just a back­ground rhythm engine, and the gui­tar is well-played. They can do the fuzz-out wall of sound just as well as the soft melan­choly sway of a down-tem­po tune.

(Aside: “The Gold­en Age” just start­ed play­ing on my CD chang­er’s Ran­dom. Good timing!)

Four­teen tunes, and not a one of them a miss.

Oh, and because it was in the sec­ond-hand shelf, and prob­a­bly had been there a while (it’s an album from 1993), the price was right: $4.99 plus taxes.

Ah, smi­ley times…