13 Techniques…

…of which I am especially fond.

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Thirteen Things about Patrick Johanneson

    Tachi-waza, or standing techniques

  1. Hane-goshi, or the “Springing Hip Throw”. Fast, and efficient, and you don’t have to turn your back to your opponent.
  2. De-ashi-barai, “Advancing Foot Sweep”. There’s a subtle trickery to this one that appeals to me, a subverting of expectations when it’s done in the kata style.
  3. Ko-soto-gake, “Small Outside Hook”. Again, you don’t have to turn your back to your opponent; just hook his supporting foot and drive him back, off-balancing him to his rear corner.
  4. Harai-goshi, the “Sweeping Hip Throw”, where you’re not so much throwing with the leg reap, as allowing your opponent to pivot over your extended leg. Very graceful, when done right.
  5. O-soto-gari, “Major Outer Reap”. Put your opponent’s weight on one foot. Then displace that foot from the ground. With your leg. This is usually the first reaping throw that you’ll learn in judo.
  6. Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi, the “Lifting-pulling ankle block”. One of my all-time favourites, especially to enter into a combination throw. I have a weird dyslexic-ambidextrous twist on this throw: no matter which grip I have, I like to attack the left foot. So when I’ve got a right-handed grip, I’ll pull the lapel, and with a left-handed grip, I’ll pull the sleeve.
  7. Tomoe-nage, the “Circle Throw”, also known as the John Wayne throw (since it’s apparently in most of his movies) or the monkey throw (not sure why, but it seems right).
  8. Yoko-guruma, or “Side Wheel”. I’m not the best at this one–I need a lot of practice–but when it’s done right, boy does it look slick. Plus it’s apparently an effective way to get out of a headlock.
  9. Katame-waza, or Grappling Techniques

  10. Jigoku-jime, known colloquially at our club as the “Hell Strangle”. It’s very effective; if you can get it on, your opponent will tap out or pass out.
  11. Sode-guruma-jime, the “Sleeve Wheel strangle”. To be honest, I first learned this one because I thought the name was cool. But it’s very effective, and you can sneak it on without arousing too much suspicion before it’s too late.
  12. Ude-garami, the “Arm coil”. There are various ways your can do it, but they all have the effect of making your opponent’s shoulder very uncomfortable.
  13. Sankaku-jime, the “Triangle Strangle”, so named because you’re strangling your opponent with the triangle formed by your bent legs.
  14. Other Techniques

  15. The technique of Dramatic Irony: Judo’s name, translated, means “The gentle way”.

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  1. It is wonderful to hear you paint the pictures about Judo that I try also to paint for people. I think you may be better at it. It is also interesting to find out that I have many different preferences than you. But I knew that…

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