Einstein biography for $3

Einstein book coverWent down to Forbidden Flavours tonight to buy my sister a birthday gift (shhh, nobody tell her), and I naturally went into the used bookstore in the back. They had copies of Greg Bear’s Eon and Eternity in there, but the book I ended up buying was Einstein: the Life and Times. Looks fascinating, but it’ll have to wait till I’m done the other books in my stack.

From the back cover:

Here is the real Einstein: The boy growing up in the Swiss Alps, the young man caught in an unhappy first marriage, the passionate pacifist who agonized over his role in the making of The Bomb, the indifferent Zionist who was asked to head the Israeli state, the physicist who believed in God. Here, too, are the modern giants who touched Einstein’s life: Franklin Roosevelt, Sigmund Freud, Madame Curie, and Ben-Gurion.

I’ve long been fascinated by Einstein, though I know relatively little about him. I know that his Nobel prize was not for relativity but for his work on the photoelectric effect; I know that he stubbornly refused to believe in the implications of quantum mechanics; and that’s about all. I’m looking forward to learning more, more, more.

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