Yeah. The can­di­date that usu­al­ly gets elect­ed ’round these here parts is not who I vot­ed for. I just can’t help hear­ing that Simp­sons bit, where Kang and Kodos are run­ning in the US elec­tion, and some guy in the audi­ence says, “Why, I think I’ll just vote for a third-par­ty can­di­date”, and one of the aliens says, in that delight­ful boom­ing voice they have, “Go ahead. Throw your vote away.

I tossed my vote into the æther. And now, because of a new/old law (I think it was struck down by a provin­cial court before last elec­tion, but rein­stat­ed before the cur­rent one), I have to wait till 9PM to see any results from any­where in the coun­try. Weird. Oh well.

Hane-goshi Tonight at judo: Hane-goshi, the spring­ing hip throw: one of my favourites. Video | Ani­mat­ed .gif. Whee!