So I’m work­ing on a sto­ry, called Earth Fleet (ten­ta­tive­ly), and I want to make sure that I do a page* a day.  I have about 40 pages so far, and I want to set up a sec­tion on my site where I can upload the pages as they’re writ­ten. Which means I can either (a) find a tool that’ll let me restrict access to the pages, or (b) build one myself. I’m lean­ing towards (b); I don’t think it’ll be too dif­fi­cult, and it’s a lit­tle spe­cial­ized to expect to find some­thing pre-built in the OSS** sites on the Internet.

Basi­cal­ly this is a “com­ing soon” announce­ment. Once Earth Fleet is done, I hope to add oth­er projects.

* A page being defined as one page of 12-point Couri­er type, sin­gle-spaced (I’ll blow it out to dou­ble-spaced before print­ing it for sub­mis­sion, when the nov­el­’s done and done), with one-inch mar­gins all round, or in oth­er words, about 400–450 words.

** Open-Source Software.