Freezing rain

We had freezing rain last night. It’s a little weird, since that’s usually an October and April phenomenon, with January being the part of the year where it’s regularly colder here than it is at the north friggin’ pole. This winter is beyond mild and into the spooky-warm category.

The car was glazed this morning; it took nearly ten minutes to scrape holes in the ice big enough to see through. And walking on the sidewalks was treacherous; everything was covered in pebbled ice that offered about as much traction as a sheet of curling ice.


Later–And now it’s snowing. Just a light snow, but who knows? It could develop into something heavier, or it could move on and leave us with minimal accumulation.

4 thoughts on “Freezing rain

  1. I’ll have to see if there’s a plugin for some kind of “remember-me” cookie. I’m pretty sure someone out there must’ve considered this problem worth solving…

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