Freezing rain

We had freez­ing rain last night. It’s a lit­tle weird, since that’s usu­al­ly an Octo­ber and April phe­nom­e­non, with Jan­u­ary being the part of the year where it’s reg­u­lar­ly cold­er here than it is at the north frig­gin’ pole. This win­ter is beyond mild and into the spooky-warm category.

The car was glazed this morn­ing; it took near­ly ten min­utes to scrape holes in the ice big enough to see through. And walk­ing on the side­walks was treach­er­ous; every­thing was cov­ered in peb­bled ice that offered about as much trac­tion as a sheet of curl­ing ice.


Lat­er–And now it’s snow­ing. Just a light snow, but who knows? It could devel­op into some­thing heav­ier, or it could move on and leave us with min­i­mal accumulation.

4 thoughts on “Freezing rain

  1. Oh, yeah. And it seems like Word­Press is the one folks jump to. I must say, though — it’s annoy­ing that it does­n’t remem­ber me. Is there a fix for that?

  2. I’ll have to see if there’s a plu­g­in for some kind of “remem­ber-me” cook­ie. I’m pret­ty sure some­one out there must’ve con­sid­ered this prob­lem worth solving…

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