More Radio-Call-In Genius

I’ve already doc­u­ment­ed my odd abil­i­ty to request songs. Today I used my super­pow­er to help a co-work­er score tick­ets to a concert.

Some back­ground: I have a co-worker–let’s call him Greg–who is the biggest fan of the band Queens of the Stone Age. He’s going to the upcom­ing Nine Inch Nails show, not to see NIN so much but to catch QOTSA, who are opening.

So last week, a radio sta­tion said that the Queens were going to do an acoustic con­cert before the show, and the only way to get tick­ets was to win ’em from the sta­tion. Greg’s been stream­ing the radio sta­tion at work since then, try­ing to get in and win the tick­ets. I was help­ing out ’cause, hey, why not?

Today he points at me and says “Go”, so I start dial­ing. Busy sig­nal, redi­al. Busy, redi­al. Ring ring ring, DJ voice: “You’re caller six, I’m look­ing for nine,” click. Well crap, so close and yet so far. But I keep try­ing. Busy, redi­al; busy, redi­al; ring ring ring, DJ: “Hi, what’s your name?” I pass the phone to Greg and he starts doing a goofy lit­tle Snoopy dance.

Yeah, he won the tick­ets. Yeah, he owes me lunch sometime.

Nice to know I’ve still got the touch…

Nano: mov­ing along. Behind, but who isn’t? (Okay, I know there are peo­ple who are already done…)

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  1. You’ll note that this post is over a week old…

    OTOH, I did get 2500 words last night.

    OTOOH, “hzi­wych” is my secret code this time, which to me reads like a Ukrain­ian last name…

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