Can’t blog. Writing.

I’ve decided to enter a non-fiction contest, and I have to have the story in the mail by Nov. 1st, so I’m kind of up against a deadline. The theme of the contest is “A Memorable Voyage”; my entry, in about its second draft, is here. You’ll need a password, too: it’s winnipegosis. Read it, if you’d like; let me know what you think. (It’s short, only about 1100 words.)

I finished Last Light of the Sun last night. It was enjoyable, well-researched, and something that I don’t normally read. As a fantasy it was very low-key; as a historical novel it was heavily fictionalized; as an out-and-out story that happened to be set 1,000 years ago, it was excellent. Gabriele, I seem to remember that you were reading it. Do you have any comments on it? Did you finish? Did you enjoy it?Later, y’all!

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