Because this is the kind of thing blogging is meant for…

…stum­bled across not one but two reviews of my short sto­ry “Res­ur­rec­tion Radio”.

The first:
“ ‘Res­ur­rec­tion Radio’ from Patrick Johan­neson is anoth­er qual­i­ty piece. Thought-pro­vok­ing and orig­i­nal, it’s a fresh look at spir­i­tu­al­i­ty from a very down to earth posi­tion, writ­ten with real empa­thy. Its end­ing is par­tic­u­lar­ly intel­li­gent, the sort of thing to send you back to the begin­ning hunt­ing for clues. Sud­den­ly, it’s star­ing you in the face, but you’d nev­er sus­pect. Fore­shad­ow­ing at its best.”
—Mar­tin Jen­ner, in SF Crowsnest

And the sec­ond:
“Patrick [Johanneson]‘s Res­ur­rec­tion Radio is a chiller blend­ed with the nar­ra­tive trick­ery of some­one like Bret Eas­t­on Ellis or Chuck Palah­nuik, less med­i­ta­tive than some of the oth­er sto­ries in the issue but bril­liant for all that, stir­ring a road-trip and psy­chopomps, hitch­hik­ers and pey­ote into a deft, mes­meris­ing whole.”
—Nel­son Stan­ley, in the British Fan­ta­sy Soci­ety’s web­site

I’ve been stoked all day because of these two reviews…

2 thoughts on “Because this is the kind of thing blogging is meant for…

  1. Cool. Where was RR published?

    I think I’d be stoked, too … except for the com­par­i­son to Ellis. I nev­er liked that guy ;o) Know­ing you, you had some­thing to say; I’m not sure Ellis has a hell of a lot to say.

    Such a grouch tonight …


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